Allergen Advice

Our menu includes a range of allergens such as wheat, peanuts, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, eggs and milk. Before placing your order, please inform the restaurant members if a person in your party has food allergy.  If you have any questions about the ingredients in our food, please ask the staffs at the restaurant or using the contact us details from the app or website. You can use also the comment field provided at the end of your order review details.

Note: For Indian Menu Prices for main courses don’t include Rice, Bread & Accompaniments or any Side Orders

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Indian Starters

Onion Bhajis

World famous snack of spice onions deep fried in a coating of gram flour until golden brown.


Pastry filled with assorted (vegetables or minced meat) and gently spiced.

Shish Kebab

Tender minced lamb seasoned with onion, fresh mint, herbs and a touch of ground spices, roasted in the clay oven.


  • Chicken: Barbequed pieces of chicken fried in a medium spicy batter.
  • Fish: Small chunks of cod delicately spiced, dipped in butter and deep fried golden brown.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Marinated in a special blend of spices & cooked in the Tandoor oven.

Tandoori Chicken9

Chicken on the bone, marinated in traditional Indian spices and yogurt, roasted in the clay oven.

Indian Special Mixed Platter

Combination of chicken tikka, sheek kebab, meat samosa, tandoori chicken and onion bhaji.

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

Indian New Additions and Chef Recommendations

Makani Chicken

Very mild dish cooked with cream, almond & butter.


Tender sliced chicken or lamb pieces cooked in fresh cream, cultured yogurt and mix ground nuts.

Jhinga Bhuna

Tandoori roasted king sized prawn, cooked in thick spicy sauce with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh ground spices and fresh coriander.

Keema Matar

Diced Tandoori roasted chicken or lamb cooked with minced lamb, chickpeas, medium spicy sauce, fresh tomatoes, coriander and aromatic flavour.

King Prawn Chilli Masala 17

King prawns cooked with onion, tomato, fresh chopped fried masala with ground spice and fried chilli pepper.

Methi Murgh

Succulent tikkas of chicken grilled in the tandoor and then braised peppery fenugreek masala.

Chicken Acharwala

This dish is prepared Tikka style, cooked with fresh garlic and ginger with a touch of mango pickle.

Chicken Tikka Garlic Bhuna

Diced Chicken tikka cooked with chopped spring onion, tomatoes, garlic and a touch of green herbs.

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

North Indian tandoori specialties


Chicken or Lamb Tikka marinated with special spices and yogurt then barbecued in the tandoor.


Chicken or King Prawns marinated with special spices and yogurt then barbecued in the tandoor.

Tandoori Mixed Grill7

A feast of tandoori varieties consisting of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and king prawns. All tandoori dishes are marinated with special spices and yogurt then barbecued in the tandoor.

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

Traditional Indian Main Courses

Tikka Masala7

A world famous and all time favorite dish, yet invented by an unknown British curry chef in the early 70’s as a way of exploiting his already popular chicken tikka. We present our own exclusive recipe.


A medium spicy dish prepared with fresh herbs, onions, green peppers and fresh green chilies.


A very mild creamy curry, sweetly flavored with ground almonds, coconut flour and fresh cream.


Basic curry cooked with medium spice and lots of sauce.


A thoroughly garnished dish of onions, garlic, tomato and selected spices treated to provide a delicious medium strength curry.


Fairly hot curry with lots of sauce.


Very hot with potatoes


Extremely hot, prepared for those daring hot curry eaters.

Rogan Josh

This dish acquires its name from the rich red appearance, which in turn is derived from ghee fried tomatoes.


Delicately spiced cooked with chopped spinach, sliced garlic.


A sweet and sour fairly hot dish, cooked with onions, peppers and tomatoes.


A medium sweet and sour dish cooked with lentils and pineapple slices.


Diced marinated chicken pieces delicately spiced and cooked with fresh fried tomatoes, green peppers and fresh herbs.


Spice, cooked with capsicum and onion cubes.


Originated in Northern-most Pakistan. It is an aromatic and herbed dish using an abundance of freshly ground garam masala and dhaniya cooked in a karahi. Currently the craze of the midlands.


A common, and much talked about dish. Splendid in taste, and in a way an artiulation of the hyderabadi ethos and personality. Since rice and meat constituted the staple diet of Hyderabad, peppers have breathed the aroma and refinement of the biryanis into some meat and non-meat dishes. Biryani dishes are meals in themselves. Served with a curry sauce. Our Bambu Special is a mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and prawns.

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

Indian Vegetarian Dishes

Sag Bindi

Fresh spinach and ladies fingers cooked with onion and fresh herbs.

Bindi Bhaji

Fresh okra, ladies fingers & exotic vegetables, crunchy spiced onions. This dish is dry, but very tasty.

Chana Masala

Chickpeas cooked in a masala gravy.

Sag Aloo

Spinach and potatoes cooked with onions, garlic and spices.

Bombay Aloo17

Spiced potatoes.

Mushroom Bhaji

This dish is flavored with stock and spices.

Tarka Dall

Three types of lentil cooked with a strong hint of garlic.

Masala Dall17

Spicy lentil delicacy incorporating fresh tomato, onion with cheese fried garlic and Bangladeshi red chilli.

Aloo Gobi

Potatoes and cauliflower.

Cauliflower Bhaji

Fresh cauliflower with crunchy spiced onion.

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

Indian Rice

Pilau Rice

The aromatic basmati cooked in dum, companion to any meal.

Steamed Rice

Indian Basmati Rice.

Special Pilau rice

Pilau rice fried with egg & peas.

Fried rice Indian Style

Indian style Basmati rice fried in butter onion.

Vegetable Pilau rice

Pilau rice fried with mixed vegetables.

Mushroom Pilau rice

Pilau rice fried with mushroom.

Peas rice

Indian Peas rice Style

Egg rice -Indian Style

Rice with Eggs Indian Style

Indian Bread & Accompaniments


Leavened bread in a clay oven.

Garlic naan

Naan cooked with an abundance of fresh garlic & coriander.

Peshwari naan

Stuffed with sweet paste of crushed nuts & sultanas.

Keema naan

with spiced minced lamb stuffing.

G.C Naan

Naan coated with an abundance of garlic & coriander.


Layered wholemeal bread shallow fried in ghee.


Wholemeal bread cooked in a tawa.


Yogurt with cucumber.

Prawn Crackers

Thai crackers


Poppadoms Indian Famous accompaniment

1Gluten2Crustaceans3Eggs4Fish5Peanuts6Soybeans7Milk8Nuts9Celery10Mustard11Sesame Seeds12Sulphite13Lumpin14Molluscs15Herbs16Mint17Spicy

Indian Side Orders


Our delicious slices of potato deep fried

Onion or mango or mint dip

Add Onion, mango or mint dip to your order and enjoy the extra flavour.